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"please wait" message on login?


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it seems that there is an issue with login at the moment (apparently just opera and chrome).

The issue: If you login, you will get a message which says "Please wait..", however it will not continue.


The current solution: Click at the Play-Icon on the chat box below.




You may want to tell this to users experiencing this issue.


A respective topic has been created in the bug tracker: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/main-website/upon-login-please-wait-message-stuck-r132/


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This problem is very common, apparently not given any solution, when you receive this error, you might also receive the error of: Connection failed, even having a stable connection, the user has to require other methods to load your registry.


How to deactivate the first security option and update to be able to load your account, this generates a hold of 3 days


I hope you can solve these problems on the page to start section in your account, there are common problems in this area that should review.

There is a constant notice of: Start section please go to login, ERROR 64 ETC.

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