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TSR Background Contest!

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background-image:url(https://i.imgur.com/k1nPdWM.png); background-position: top;







 iSanty (388822204)



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EDIT: Something popped up, so I will post the winners in the morning. Look out to see if you won. I'm sorry I couldn't judge them tonight.



P.S. I have added xats to the prize pool, the CURRENT prizes are: 

1st place: 1,500 xats

2nd place: 750 xats

3rd place: 500 xats



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3rd Place prize added.
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Ok, so too much happening, so I'm just gonna post one final update before I judge these in the morning.



1st Place: 1500 xats

2nd Place: 1100 xats

3rd Place: 750 xats


Thank you once again to @Cryo for another 600 xat donation!

ALSO, Don't forget I'm judging these in the morning, so get all your final entries posted and winners will be posted in the morning.

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