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Need to Change My Email


Hello. I have just come back to xat after almost 2 years of being gone. I remember the Username and PW to my old xat however I no longer have access to the old email. I tried to validate but I no longer have the phone number associated with the email. I'd like to change it to an email I using.  I've tried to make a ticket but can't due to the fact I've used the email I want to update and just made it today and haven't purchased xats with this account.


Please Help!! Thank You :)




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If you have lost access to your email address, you'll need to open a ticket to regain access to your account. You do not need to be a paid user to create this ticket so, in order to be able to open a ticket, you'll need to log into another account first.
If you do not have another account, please register a new one, you can follow these steps to reset your identification number or open a icogno window to do. After these steps "Lost Access" help topic should be selected. Also, make sure your subject is at least five words, and specify that you need help with your other account and include as many details as possible.


If you still experience errors while opening a ticket after following the tips above, you will want to message a volunteer on the forums.

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The user contacted me about this problem; they now have a ticket open.

For this reason, I will close this topic and mark an appropriate response.

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Hello there!


What you need to do is make a ticket under the category "Email change or email hint" requesting this change in your e-mail. You can check times to see if the ticket category delayed or normal.


Since your ticket is the "normal" category, a reply could take up to 3 to 5 days to get a response. If you have any errors pop up saying you need to be a registered user or any other errors, try clearing your cache and try again. If this problem proceeds, you can always message a volunteer on the forums or by adding them in any chat by doing "/f(id here)" to get further assistance in creating your ticket.

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