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please unblock my radio domain for xat


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  1. Go to xatradio.com and register an account. Creating an account is free.
  2. Once you're logged in, click HTML WHITELIST from the drop-down menu. Fill out the form, and click SEND YOUR REQUEST.
  3. Wait for your request to be approved by xatradio staff. You should be notified by email.
  4. Fill out the form at xatradio.com/generator, using the radio IP. Click GENERATE when finished.
  5. Edit your chat, and copy the exact generated code into the large edit box. Click Save Changes when finished.

If you encounter any problems, xatradio has a ticket system at xatradio.com/support. Or send me a private message, and I'll do my best to help!

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Just now, Adeis said:

Hi there!

If you want a DOMAIN UNBLOCK, all you need to do is send a ticket under the subject ''Domain Unblock''.

NOTE: You need to be a paid user to be able to send that ticket.

Thank you, Adeis. I can not send ticket exactly for this reason, it sais i am not a paid user...

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7 minutes ago, Stif said:

Did you try upload your player on xatradio? Once it is approved, you can use it freely under your chat.


4 minutes ago, AmonRa2017 said:

Dear Stif, how can I upload it if it is not a swf player, only a link. is there any option to get the link approved on xat.radio.com?


You have the option available on the xatradio website to generate a player from your radio ip, take a brief look at the site and see if it meets your needs.

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