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Hi guys,                                                                                Price: 800 xats Limited


i think xat need something cute like the powers clear, angry fairyso my suggestion is a sort of Heart but modify where u can found a crown King and Princess as a setting for normal smilies



 smilies idea magicalheart:


new 2 smilies: pRRu47c.pngWHKipmU.png a smile angel with a halo cute gold, a smile devil like imagine and a fork / or without, SWAVES PLUMES ANGEL EFFECT



jCRojKV.jpg (a 2 hearts with a Arrow ALL Gold - wave hearts light - and 1 lighting in arrow)

 urfkf3O.png Princess Heart red with crown light become all GOLD JmaDBBP.png some pretty ideas for wings Heart Princess, King, Angel


KIUzvhA.jpg FHlSa3f.jpgstock-vector-tattoo-styled-heart-with-wi Angel  with a halo Gold 2 example light and wings 1 example or 3


teFJzmJ.jpg MagicalHeart (black want to destroy a heart red) QWeaX7R.gif 15208009-uno-stencil-di-un-cuore-con-le- Fairy (red heart with wings butterfly RED or other color - butterfly mini coming with glitter) 



 sfgWDEy.jpgheartwithhorns.jpgDevil (RED heart with wings amd fork GOLD light position slash, little burning around heart)dD1EHz7.png Hawk Heart (the gold heart with wings hawk close open this last and a namewave coming end in wing light)



 King Heart BOy4qly.png l2HlBeH.png   heart-2945373_960_720.jpg Red  with crown king GOLD 1 example position 2 example (crown light) with wings gold see up like princess coming all GOLD  -  Addition at Ruby EY85HSY.jpgJmobHI0.jpg  - kiet90o.jpgc82YDJj.jpg Liquid a  Liquid coming up form last imagine  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ3cWh0IVF6iAZaOgk0caG Wave heart with coming a outline around himmagical_flower_by_laiyee.jpg Trasparent flower without wings coming the water fills one part of the heart with glitters moves Scosmoc-portal-of-my-heart.jpg Cosmos Portal Heart the heart of rare stone has an oval sphere in mid-cosmos effect magical-fiery-heart-7635641.jpg cuore-spezzato.jpg Fiery Heart The effect it's like the sun gif-animate?task=download&id=2600 Brillant with more light up and down  cuore-di-rose.gif  Roses



 Hat: Crown King - Crown Princess !?!?

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20 hours ago, Adeis said:

A lot of your suggestions are based in actual powers (This one Burningheart), what can be done, is just add certain new smilies to those powers you are suggesting.



i know infact i only suggest and i'm not the designer of powers, a lot of people don't have courage of do it, only think a 3 married new pawn who suggest cartoon, I was simply based and in some I gave an idea

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