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Win 10,000 xats for xat's Halloween Event!! [Very Hard]

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Chat name: MundoSmilies

Riddle: where do you go when you need a smiley generator?
Answer to the riddle: MundoSmilies

Regname & ID: OneForAllMight (1527275747)


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Clue 8For those of Asia that need assistance.

Chatname: xat.com/Chuai

Riddle: Sing me to sleep, bring me to the deep. I promise I am not death, but the sound of a soul to keep. One, or two. We are not a few, instead a murder of many. Gifts of shine, the warmth of flying - I am not the judge, simply a guide.

Answer: The time.

Username & IDBR4BO (1521709530)

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CHAT WINNER: Lemona (220341852)
PRIZE: 13,000 xats
ANSWER: xat planet
ACCEPTED ANSWERS: xat logo or xat planet
EXPLANATION:  Sur[round]ed, and [solid] too, [hue] like the [sea] and the [sun].  Round and solid, hue (color) like the sea (blue) and the sun (yellow/yellow orange).


EXPLANATION: "Astray you will be set, what you do not see, what it's trying to be, a creature you haven't met, waste your time": The purpose of a red herring in literature is to lead the main characters off the obvious/given path, and to distract them.


That could be given by another clue in plot, or by another character, but in either case it is a challenge that must be first overcome. Usually ending in an unknown false conclusion before the actual one is found. In essence, it has not yet been fully discovered or met.


"Not blue/green/yellow, I am a piece of the sea":  In real life, the red herring is a fish that is red. It also lives in the ocean.



EXPLANATION: The riddle is worded in a way that would naturally lead people to the Warhead Candy. If people were to check the wiki, the firstlisted chemical that goes into it is Malic Acid.


They are hinted to do such by the following:Unfathomably sour, chemical war, name is MALICious, should not repeat": MALIC acid is a CHEMICAL that is put into sour candy - in essence, it is what makes them sour to begin with.


It tends to be delicious at first, only to eventually cause sores in the mouth if too many are ingested. The clue for this one was an outline for the molecular structure for Malic Acid, which is it's picture on Wikipedia.


ACCEPTED ANSWERS:: Mimic or Mimic Chest
EXPLANATION: "Our bindings, pain, greed be your sin": A mimic is traditionally awakened by either attacking them (pain) or adventurers have broken their locks/chains. Greed is the sin of the adventurer due to this, because they are their own undoing.


"Impersonation, never changed faces, silent, bearing a tale": Mimics are ancient, their age being noted by the fact that they have carried on a rumor through time.


They impersonate a chest, and they do not change from that at any point. They're also incapable of speaking despite having a mouth.


"Nothing left, riches and misfortune, seekers never found": Since their legend was not spread by words, it was spread by people disappearing after opening them.


Why would people open them? Because chests are usually full of treasure, and they have no way of knowing it was a mimic until its too late.


The hint for this one is another play on greed. People are tempted by the riches, and "encompass" means causing something to take place (by opening the box), or literally being engulfed (mimics eat people). The first thing we think of when we think of "Pandora" is Pandora's box, which is said to contain all evil of the universe. Redolent meaning "reminiscent/strongly suggestive" - essentially, don't trust something that is similar to Pandora's box. It will tempt you and eat you.


EXPLANATION: "My name is a liar, I am a crutch, you are alone without it, making you capable of being stable": "Fib" is another word for lie, and the fibula is one of the two bones in the shin.


It's purpose is to provide stability when we walk. Therefore, if it is removed, naturally there will only be one bone left and it is alone. 


"Crackling voice, chilling to the bone": "Bone" is hinted here, and the only sound a bones makes is crackling or breaking.


EXPLANATION: "A plain explanation": Voodoo dolls are created out of hate, and their creators use them to bring pain onto others. It's very ritualistic and they are dressed up to match the appearance of the creator's target.


They don't have any feelings for themselves because they are inanimate. The doll is created in the likeness of another because the two of them are meant to feel together. Any pain brought to the toy, is meant to be carried over onto the real person. 


Let's look at X88.


In this gif, X88 is cut in half. The top half of X88 says "Voo". It is hinted that the appearance of X88 should be altered and "feeling together" is a euphemism for the two halves of "X88".


ACCEPTED ANSWERS: Banshee or Banshees
EXPLANATION: "Distant morn(night), mourn, keen, scream, shimmer like fire, no frame": In mythology, banshees are known to come out at night. They are said to be widowed women who were killed or died without coming to peace with this world. They scream to warn people (a specific set of families) of danger. Keen(ing) is a traditional form of lament for the dead, usually done by women.


They are also said to shimmer like wild fire. Their screams are said to be powerful enough to break glass. "Gather, time of grief for the great, before moral belief (as a warning), names carried": A group of banshees will gather if someone of great stature has fallen, or if they are about to die. They act as both creatures of grief, and a warning system for certain families (prefix O' and Mac, if you were curious).


"Wives tale, change in word": They are simply legend. Old wive's tales. Their names have changed over the years (ghost, hags, fairies, cailleach) but they are, in essence, the same thing depending on the region and context.


CHUAI WINNER: iVGS (252098492)
PRIZE: 13,000 xats
ANSWER: "A Crow"
EXPLANATION: "Sing, murder of many, gifts of shine, flying": These are all in relevance to birds, but more specifically the crow. A gathering of crows is called a murder, and they are known to have an affiliation for shiny things - which they will occasionally gift to humans they trust. 


"Bring me to the deep, Not death, soul, judge, guide": In mythology, crows are traditionally synonymous with the grim reaper. The grim reaper's job is to simply remove the soul from the body, guarantee its safe passage to where it is going, and let another be its judge.


POMOCY WINNERAustin (638877683)
PRIZE: 13,000 xats
ANSWER: "A raccoon?????"
EXPLANATION: "Can of surprise, vice of cleanliness, eating food of all, stay in darkness": Naturally habitual of the raccoon. During the night,  they are generally very peaceful creatures as long as they are not disturbed (in a trashcan, hunting for food).


If seen during the day, they are likely to be carrying rabies which is causes extreme aggression in its host. Due to this they are not often welcome in residential areas and are rapidly removed (crisis). 






"Two steps from one, one step from two": The "one" who takes two steps is on the white side of the board, since they move first. The "two" who takes one step is on the black side of the board. This effectively means there is 1.5 turns occurring the begin this.


It also means that the only piece that could possibly be moving for the first turn of both would either be a pawn, or a knight. A knight, however, also moves to the side rather than just forward. 


"Begin, gambit, accept/decline, bold (aggressive)/old": This is, once more, referencing the beginning of something. Rather than it just being the game that is beginning, it is given a new layer of depth and deemed a "gambit". In the king's gambit, one of the main aspects is that the opposing player is given the option to accept or decline it. 


In short, this means that the first 1.5 turns are beginning one of the oldest and most aggressive opening gambits in the game of chess. It also dictates which pieces could have possibly been moved.


The rest of the clues simply point toward chess.


BONUS WINNER: Paul (83735214)

PRIZE: 2,000 xats

ANSWER: Guidelines and Club Directory.

ACCEPTED ANSWERS: Guidelines and Club Directory. 

EXPLANATION: The clue was straight forward. You would hunt the forum and check for where it would say "xat Halloween" and post your answer.


To collect your prize visit this chat The Prize Chat.


Congratulations to all the winners. 


Thanks, Haley and Majora once again for the event and help.

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