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xavi "tamagotchi" thing

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its yer boy austin back again with another minecraft video


this time i've got an even better idea


so something like xavi ... but its a tamagotchi and we raise our own xat avatar 


if you're not familiar with the word, open


an electronic toy displaying a digital image of a creature, which has to be looked after and responded to by the “owner” as if it were a pet.



YtiOTrr.png (once again editing master)


thanks for watching hope you enjoyed


please like subscribe and comment

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I really like this idea. @oj But my version is animal-themed.


When you start, you should be given a very basic pet from a small list such as puppy, ribunny, mousie, hamster and pparrot. But as you develop your pet, interacting with it every day, or completing certain tasks and levelling up, you should gain access to higher level pets such as arachnid, psnake, rooster, etc.


The highest tier pets (the rarest) would be the likes of elephant, kwolf, kgiraffe, lion, tiger etc. 


All animal smileys (including new releases) will be available at different levels or ranks. You can't buy or trade them, but you can transfer them to your other ID via ticket. They would encourage users to spend more time on their xat accounts, building their pets.


You can interact with them via the side app, and see other users' pets by clicking a button on their profile (like gifts).

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