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I think this is a great power and could definitely be used to increase the fun at a chat, have a joke with friends or even to troll like some others have mentioned. In my opinion, the only kick/ban powers which can be used for fun (or can be used to troll) are zipban, reverseban and dunce, so it would be cool to see this added. 

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On 25/10/2017 at 4:47 PM, Crow said:

The holiday season is approaching, and I think it's time for a new ban power.


A variation of this idea was posted by TrueRedDevil in 2013 here (the link no longer works, though). 225.png615.png038-a.png 



There are two different concepts:


1) A freezebanned user has a thick layer of frost across their screen, which reduces their visibility of the chat. This layer will defrost over time, e.g. 1hr freezeban = 100% frost and 10 mins later (50 mins) it will be 90%, etc. (credit: @LaFleur).


2) A freezebanned user is frozen in place, unable to post messages, tickle others, switch pools, check their friends list, click their name, etc. (There's a very thin glaze of frost across their screen - so they know they're freezebanned - but no reduced visibility per se).


The user will have a frosty effect over their pawn when banned (credit: @6) or cubes of ice (credit: @Skatel).


The power could alternatively work as a jinx (credit: @Lemona, @Daniel).



Limited pawn ideas: Frosty, ice cubes, igloo, thermometer


Blast ideas (credit @Shake):

  • The pawn is put in a freezer;
  • Falls or is thrown into a fishing hole;
  • Is made a snowman and stays frozen;
  • A thermostat appears and is set to the minimum temperature until the pawn becomes ice

Hug ideas (inspired by @Shake):

  • User is put in a freezer, and their cold breath forms a message;
  • User falls or is thrown inside a fishing hole;
  • User is made into a snowman and stays frozen;
  • Avalanche hug (like the classic kiss)


I believe it would be a unique trollish way to punish users or tease friends. Please leave your criticism or improvements below!

It would be nice if it was the same as SilentBan or Mute, so the user does not see it. 😎

But I would put it to use even if you are moderator.

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A great idea of power to be implemented.
It could come with a hug (friends warming up inside a hug) and even with flix (new animations of snowflakes falling on the xat). The pawns festooned with scarf and winter cap, would look elegant.  (sman)

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