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Test power: 460 known as FLGPWN Price: 150 xats. Status: Unlimited.    Example of the pawn:      Hat code examples: The hat code used in the screenshot is (hat#hFit)

Agreed. If there was ever a flagpawn, they should allow country flags only. For instance, the paw flag should not be allowed. I like the new looks but I'd like even more if there were special eff

There's a reason for everything

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Something I would like to suggest, would it be useful if an out glow of your rank color is displayed around the pawn?

I think when this power hits the store everyone will use different pawns which will hide the color of the rank they are such as green, blue, white orange. 

I know we have color pawns already such as purple which hides the rank color but with this new power going out it's going to hard to see.

If a chat has also customized the default chat ranks with the lang power I think it may get a bit confusing.

Having an out line glow of the users rank may be useful, thoughts?

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You should remove the flags which make your pawn black (due to impersonating of admin/42):


hat#hFpaw -Zrty2apRg6WQU5-Am9Z-A.jpeg

hat#hFjr RiaTaBRkQBGIC-_xzuoTrw.jpeg




Side note: There are a few other flags which contain the black color, such as hat#hFcq and hat#hFpq, but they should be fine, as most of the pawn isn't colored black.

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46 minutes ago, SlOom said:

It seems admins decided to change the design of the pawn ...




Is it temp ? Idk but if it is, just rename is FLAGHAT and not FLAGPAWN.

no please , its not looking good .

please keep it to original . it was looking really awesome .



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I liked the original one too. Would be nice if you just add both options.

Feels like a missed opportunity kinda otherwise.


If you think having it the original way was damaging other pawns, consider this:

- Flagpawns don't have the quality as pawns like purple/gold, it rather looks like neon power hat

- Flagpawns do not show show up in chat, while purple/gold/etc. do

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The original one is better

It should be used instead and the new one is also okay but they can have both be as features of the power

so people can have an option to choose from what they want to use since they already made them.



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The little flag is more sensible imo. :$


I'm all for change, but I think the original design is just too extreme and chaotic (looking at Phin's screenshot). We can't let users have black pawns either. 

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3 hours ago, Cupim said:

#s - still flag. Default: https://prnt.sc/gomw30 (as it currently is)

#w - waving flag. It would not move though: https://prnt.sc/gomvyb

#m - mirrors flag. Mirrors the flag position: http://prntscr.com/goqast

#o - offset flag. Moves the flag a bit to the bottom part of the pawn.


I did a "quick demo" to show what I mean:





Good, It's better this way, even if the change has been extreme.

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