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Streaming Power.

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So I have come up with an idea for people who like to Live stream on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook LIVE Etc.


This could be a function and a smiley power. 


For the function use: Allow a user to add his streaming profile as linked above to a smiley, allowing the smiley clickable and having a banner above the smiley saying "I'm Live, Come watch!" with the link to their steaming profile.


The smileys could include: A smiley holding a camera with a button flashing as they're recording repesenting IRL Streams, A Gaming pad with a flashing light on it repesenting Gaming Streams, Another holding a banner "I'm Live, Watch Me!"


I'll add more to the post soon.

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Well they could be abilities to add your Twitch TV, Youtube Live, FAcebook live linked to your chat, also allowing a user to have a clickable smiley of their choice linked to your Twitch TV or whatever platform you use to livestream.


The smilies could be more of a choice than listed.



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