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Giveaway #30: Win 18 powers and 160 xats!

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I want to thank all 82 users for participating in my 30th giveaway. It means a lot to me. Congratulations to @Stif on winning the following powers: REGHIDE, NOPC, TEMPMOD, HAT, RED, GREEN, BLUE, LIGHT, NAMEGLOW, INVISIBLE, GUESTSELF, STATUS, NOPM, NAMECOLOR, GOLD, STATUSGLOW, STATUSCOLOR and CLASSIC! Congratulations on also winning 160 xats! For more information as to how you can claim your prize, please contact me by either sending me a private message on the forum, a message on any chatroom with FEXBots as its primary bot service provider or by going to the Help chatroom and/or xat_test chatroom and sending me a private chat and/or private message. Once you have claimed your prize, please submit a reply on this forum topic.

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