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Medals, achievement system and rewards


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great Idea!


If xat was able to develop a system w/o extreme exploitations then I think this system would be very benefiting for xat!


keep up the good work with suggestions, the better the idea, the easier it would get to admins.


great job, and great representation of your idea!

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29 minutes ago, Njthug said:

To bring even more attraction, you could have badges on people's profile (when you click them, I mean) for example: 

http://i.imgur.com/A4mYhTp.png I'm no graphics expert, but I'm sure xat could draw a fancy ribbon or something to declarate how many medals they've achieved.


Forget the days and powers; I think the ribbons alone are worth it! They look absolutely amazing - and they're another reason for users to be proud of their account! Compulsive users like myself will have to collect them all too (toj).


Overall, a very well-designed suggestion, and I hope this idea is adapted somehow!

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Additional to this, you could even have medals for group chats.




Have milestone achievements (similar to stats really), to keep track of your lifetime chat group goals.

For example:


Total time spent on chat group collectively: 2,430 hours.

Most active user Njthug (123123123).

Total messages: 324,734 lines.

Most users online at once: 56 users.




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this is a cool idea check this out @Admin it will be great if this system is implemented such as games, treasure hunts, activities, and allows users to unlock certain achievements, hats, rare pawns and other cool features and it could add more value to accounts and users will have something to achieve!

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