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Wings - Power Suggestion

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My suggestion is to release a power called Wings that contains wing accessories for your pawn. Very similar to hat (except wings aren't hats - they're fins). They could be animated or fixed, and colored by code too.






(Taken from Travel, Foe, Gothic [ignore the bat, just focus on the wings], Peace, Halloween, Monster, Beautifly, Amore [bee wings, ignore the placement])


The downside is that users might be less encouraged to buy new powers for the limited pawns. 


For this reason, perhaps only 3-4 wing designs should be released. Or make it epic.



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Why only pawn and not pawn/smilie? 


I don't really think; people would buy a power just to add wings to their pawn. It's probably better to apply that to both things than pawn only.


That's my opinion but the idea is good.. now we need the work.

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