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lucky numbers: win the lottery

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from now on no new entries wil be accepted


dont try to edit your post as i already have counted.


lucky number was 456
(it is ok to go over but better to go under)


1st: Angelo 420 (36 under)
2nd: OJ 410 (46 under)
3rd: Shake 398 (58 under)
4th: Youkai 526 (70 over)

other people who were close:

ronal 373 (83 under)
Marshall 545 (89 over)
Matti 365 (91 under)
Yoiker 335 (121 under)


please claim your prize with mike (7m)
or 7,000,000


screenshots below:

Angelo: wwn6Vm4.png

OJ: 74lfk1J.png

Shake: UezxaqE.png

Youkai: xFS5ASu.png


you have 72 hours to claim prize



thank you all for joining

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