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Hi one ask for xat.com. Im selling music servers end players for music. Ok now xat transfer all players to radioxat, that to ok. Buth now we hawe problem im can not lock eny more my music players end protect him from stealing my music players. Radio xat not accepting end not apruve my music player. End one more ask im send  3 music player  to  radioxat end some admin there are accept all 3, next day im send same player  same script  total same player only onother ip  end port  end all 17 whas rejected ? What hepening there can sombady explain that pleasw.


Ty for answer.

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At first, thank you for using the service. ;)


Please pay attention as I'll try to be as clear as possible: Encryption is not allowed.

xatRadio.com will not approve any material that has encrypted content in it.


We can suggest you to use your developer watermark for protection (if you have any)

Also you can try using alternative structure of codes, to differ from other player makers.


Regarding your server protection, this is responsibility of your hosting provider.

If you are concerned about your server protection you can ask your host support about how to improve your server security.


For users to listen to your radio server or your customer's radio, they require the server IP.

Any method of encryption will not work completely as the listener's machine will obtain the IP.


People can listen to your radio only if they have your radio IP


I'm trying to point out that adding encryption to the IP addresses wont really help to protect your IP.

Because the listener is able to read your IP even if encrypted.


The encrypted code would attempt a connection to the radio server which reveals the server address to the listener's machine.

So by any means, it's technically impossible to fully hide your server IP. 


Also, please understand that our biggest concern while handling xatRadio stuff is their security.

We examine the entire code before it is approved, and by encrypting any part of it, you violate our rules.

We will not allow any type of encryption as the safety concern is our top priority

(and 2nd priority is to approve your players as soon as possible ;))


Thank you for reading this long text. 

Here's xatRadio logo, just the end this post with style.


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Cupim im not hawe problem for hide ip end port that secured becose im my self provider on my  own dedicated server end im using Centova Cast licencs. Buth for RTMP that the problem, and ok now nobady can not lock players that clear to me  im hope that im not see eny onother locked player on xat.com. Ok im  unlock all my player end send tho you again but im thing that not ok buth your home you rules.

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