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New power of the week is Travel.
ID: 457
Name: Travel
Status: Unlimited
Smilies: travel, bag, ontheroad, outhere, photos, saving, trhat, trplane, trsign.
Pawns: hb, hs.
Price: 212 xats




Note: You can change the text on the TRSIGN smilie. (E.g : trsign#wHello)


Thank you to @Cupim for the good work!

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1 hour ago, leandrou said:

It looks very good! i hope that the last smilie (the u.s.a cartel) you can customize it and wrote little messages in it.


You can change the text (instead of USA) but it's limited to 6 characters.

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Hello ^-^

The smiley (bag) does not work properly, It can not be combined. Can we use it as back, please? example:


I love (saving) smiley but I'd like to use it with other smilies without the dollar (d#saving) (Smiley with the wings only) @Admin
Thanks cupim and Good Job ^-^

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