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acount is locked


I have a problem that I can not login,I can not open ticket.When I go to login they say - **Security check: This account is locked. You can only login at home. Please read:xat account locking. E29**

When I try to open ticket it will not to receive email.I need to help someone open a ticket for me.

I changed the Internet and the IP address has changed,I need to get it unlocked..I have access to email because it's mine ,there everything comes from xat.There is my account of xat.

if you can help me fix the problem as soon as possible.Ty


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Due to error 29, you will have to create a ticket under the help topic "Locked Out" and being locked makes the procedure of opening a new ticket difficult so, follow the steps below to open a ticket:
- Open the incognito mode of your browser;
- Open a new ticket here;
- Type in the first box the e-mail associated with the account that you have the problem;
- Select the help topic "Locked Out";
- Type the subject, remember it has to be at least 5 words;
- Type the message describing your issue;
- And click on open ticket.

Then you just have to wait for an answer from the volunteers.
You can check the response times of the departments here.

If the procedure above don't work, then you can message a vol via forum, you can see them here;

Or you can contact them directly via chat, they usually can be found on Help or xat_test.

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Hi, Error 29: User Locked "xat Account Locking".
More information: util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Locked_out/en

Try again in incognito mode and be sure to select the Locked Out help topic and fill in the Subject field with five or more words.

1. Clear your browser cookies (or open an incognito window)


2. You have to go to the page of xat.com/ticket and open a ticket to be attended by a volunteer, under the topic '' Locked Out ''.


3. In subject you need to explain your problem with a minimum of 5 words.


4. In message you are going to explain your problem.


5. Then click Open Ticket and you're done.


If the following guide above still gives you error and unable to create a ticket. Please send a private message to a volunteer and ask politely to help you open a ticket providing details with your issue. https://forum.xat.com/staff/



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