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Ayuda Background.

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44 minutes ago, ANGY said:

Hi guys, recently download photoshop again on my computer and wanted to show you my first job after a long time.





I hope you like it and be used by the chat Ayuda.


Cute as a background, I like .. good Angy. I did not think I was so good

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The points indicated are the ones that did not convince me in any way.
First the text "Ayuda" I'm not sure if it's for the font, but the borders do not agree with the cut of the colors.
Secondly in making a color division you could add a not so high parallel shadow only so that it does not look very overexposed.
Third and Last Your ID can not be clearly seen. Be careful when editing the proportions of the text.
With nothing more to add these are my observations on the design. Very good colors!

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I like the gloss theme of colors you were going for, I just wish you put it to an extent that it would look like you made it a gradient in the Namegrad generator for example. I also want to say the same for the the background, same thing, also smoother egdes. I like your theme, but I feel like a gradient texture would be better.


Here's an image of a what I'm trying to say:



Your outer is very nice though. Keep up the good work. :)

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