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I've been on xat for a while now and I think lots of people who are geared towards anime are also fans of Code Geass. This doesn't have to be an elaborate power; the most obvious emote would be Lelouch's eye as an animation when he uses it. Also, you could have the Brittanian flag, a Zero mask (maybe on your pawn?), Knightmare keys, perhaps the knightmares themselves, chess pieces, etc. More could be added, I'm just listing some things off of the top of my head.


Comment below and list more ideas.


~Suzaku (Tamiyami)



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I think a power that includes any television show/anime/series is highly unlikely due to copyright issues. I mean, we have the mario/zelda smilies but to have an entire power after a series is a bit of a stretch.

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On 3/21/2016 at 2:04 AM, Gamee said:

If they're gonna add anything aminu it better be DBZ. (cd)


Hell yes! Let's have some DBZ, One Piece, Naruto! (hippo)


[I know this won't easily happen]

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