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Most Advanced Xat Chat Background Template

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Deanmon    0

A while ago I created the most advanced Xat chat background template. I used it for personal use but decided to share it with the community. An example of what this template can help you do is:




I'll include an image below of the template overall as well as  PSD that will allow you to enable/disable any of the colored sections.




Click here to download the template!

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Guppy    421

What makes this more advanced than, say, Jake's Advanced Inner Template or my Basic Inner Template (which is still pretty advanced, if you ask me), or my custom modified version of Jake's Advanced Inner Template, which has 400+ layers? I think calling this the "most advanced" is pretty misleading, if you ask me.


Nice template though, but it's very pixelated. Try turning on Anti-Aliasing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aliasing) to make it look better.

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Deanmon    0

I didn't realize others that were so advanced existed. I'm not on Xat much and I made this template a while ago. Thanks for the information and advice, but I probably won't update it.

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