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When will volunteers solve tickets about scamm?


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Tickets that are sent to the Report Scam department usually require a long degree of investigation before a conclusion can be made.


Sometimes, Report Scam tickets are not always answered. Usually a volunteer will contact you if they need more information, or if they've made a conclusion that they want you to know about.


Please know that even if a volunteer finds evidence to take action upon another user, you may not be told. Also please note that if you were scammed, there is no guarantee that you will be refunded anything.


Thanks for understanding. I would continue to wait, but just know that the ticket may be closed when the investigation ends.

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Some investigations may take more than 1 month to complete. I wouldn't chalk it up to Volunteers being lazy, they just sometimes need more information and it may take a while to get it.


It would be ideal, yes, if all users only needed to wait for one month. However, for reasons that I listed in my previous answer, this isn't always the case. Some tickets take longer than others, and some are only replied to when volunteers need more information or wish to let you know of an update.


Thanks for understanding.

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