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Xat smileys ( codes etc )


Hey , I have some questions about xat smileys and some others things 


you can may help me with this : 


 All the smileys size ? 


Now the  hard part 


I have a local chat client to test my smileys but I can only test the Normal size I think is 19px vs 19px 


I want to know if I can teste bigger smileys like 30 vs 30 with the debug stest 


and a thing i think no body will want to teach me is :


change the chat codes in the network.as to give me a free power (big) I don't want to create  server to give me this power , and it's only for test my smileys not for sell or scam pm me if you know and want to help me 


But the most important is the way to make bigger smileys I have some great ideas and no way to show all the smileys in the chat 


the smiley is cut in half like a square thanks for you attention hope you can help me 

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According to my check, you can't change the size using stest, to be honest, it doesn't work correctly.


About your client, you can do that:


1° - Open xmessage.as then search for todo.HasPower(uid, 355)  using CTRL + F

2° - Now, you need to comment that line... before the if and after it.

3° - CTRL + S and run it chat.fla


Nb: 355 is the (big) power id.







Remember that, default smilies size is 19x19 and using big is 30x30 according to them.

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