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Connect The Smilies.


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Informations about this contest:
Connect with an arrow or line each of the smilies with the corresponding power and place in this post the answer. You can use the Bot of Mundosmilies or other chat in case you have doubts about each smilies. The first to finish it correctly and do not break any rules, will be the winner!


Answer example:

• Capture with all smilies connected: see (only the link, do not post image)
• Register and ID.


Rules you must follow:

• Win the first user to respond correctly and do not break any rules.

• If you win you must wait for a round to rejoin.

• Only one answer per person is allowed.
• No editing allowed in comments.
• Leave your ID and register.



350  xats + 1 day.

There is a chance that the prize will change...


Prizes holder:

Me and @Fiona, the contest does not require a substantial amount.



Sunday, August 13th | 5:00 PM (Venezuelan time)



''Donations will be received should you wish to continue this thread.

The rights to Kotu. Thanks to team of Mundosmilies.''

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Hello everyone!
This time you must to connect the smilies and post their names. Eg: power summerhug - smiley supalm

The picture for today is this:




Please @Guppy claim your prize, you can contact me on xat_test or ayuda /f81926573

Good luck (hug)

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26 minutes ago, MariaLiiz said:




Chocolate - chdonut

Hairm - punk 

irish - shi 

nursing - nblood

quest - sneak 

divorce - divm 

poker - poplayer 


Rhea (303261364)


It's correct!



1- Power: chocolate  Smiley: chdonut

2- Power: Hairm  Smiley: Punk

3- Power: irish   Smiley: shi

4-Power: nursing  Smiley: nblood

4- Power: quest  Smiley: sneak

5- Power: divorce  Smiley: divm

6- Power: Poker  Smiley: poplayer


Congratulations @MariaLiiz
Thank you for participating today and Thanks @JeanGraphics for helping me with the picture (hug)

Please claim your prize :$  (hug)

See you tomorrow with new smilies ^-^ 



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