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What foods/drinks have you NEVER TRIED?


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I've never tried tea or coffee, despite working in an office for a year and having to make them for everybody else. 8-) I guess I've never been motivated enough to try them. 


Please share yours below!

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17 minutes ago, Crow said:


I've never eaten metal shards or the planet Venus either. 


I'm looking for things that are actually served as food or drink. :$


Speak for yourself, I find the planet Venus to be quite tasty.


On a serious note, I've never tried a papaya (despite my name). 

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25 minutes ago, Steven said:

I have never tried Pepsi. May be the only one on earth.


I am also from Canada and have never tried poutine. 






I've never had Nutella - or any other kind of nut- because of an allergy. I have also never had an energy drink.


Some of the most adventurous foods I have eaten include live shrimp, sea urchin, escargot (snail), octopus, and chicken feet. 

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Off the top of my head I can say I've never tried: tea, coffee, Dr. Pepper, iced tea (including all of that other tea-names), and a various amount of beer and cider. 


I'm extremely fussy with food, as you already know, so I've pretty much never tried anything that others eat.  (toj)

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