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Personally feel like this power should be named after the one and only Danilo. Calling it Whis will be fine.





Also, perfect time for a face reveal right 


KappaPride TriHard

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13 minutes ago, Lemona said:




This one looks very familiar, i think i used to use this smiley as my forum avatar back in the old forum on Ancient name (toj)(toj)(toj)

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We already have troll smilies, don't forget: (hippo)(sman).


New ones sound good, though!


2 hours ago, Techy said:

TROLLJINX everytime you say something trollish it will change to 'TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL'


A promising idea, but it's a bit spammy. 

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1 hour ago, ANGY said:

I'm sorry to be honest, but I do not really like the idea, maybe creating our own faces '' trolls '' would be the right thing to do.

I agree.


3 hours ago, TinkerDoodle said:

I suggest a (meme) power all together. I've made a thread/discussion about this and some suggestions are in it too, here.

I think it's too late for that. Memes in 2017? (hmm)

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I made some smileys and pawns for the power troll , Hope you guys like them give some feedback 

A simple PAWN :p 









back for all smileys 





100% Made from 0 with photoshop ,  0 images from internet 


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