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How old are you ?!

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Simple! xD
Please be honest with your answer! :@

My- 25
You all ?!


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6 minutes ago, oj said:

7, but dont worry i have my parents permission to be on xat.com

yes i know! Bebe

5 minutes ago, Bisha said:


Yes you like, i know! ))

3 minutes ago, Shake said:

8 and 3/4


1 minute ago, Zed said:

i was born yesterday and my xat account was old than me 


thats about me lol

Hm Joking with this its not good!

Hm All  this comment wil be deleted if you no change this!
Edit this please! :@

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I‘m an Internet Entrepreneur and Marketing Executive with experience in Customer Acquisition and Growth. Currently, I am running Visible Factors, a marketing consultancy providing startups and large scale organization growth and online marketing consulting. Throughout his career, he has worked with early stage startups, SMBs, Fortune 500 companies and high-profile brands including Yahoo!, PayPal and Myspace.


In February 2011 xLaming conceptualized and founded Eventup, only to launch it February 2012 to be the first and only comprehensive event venue marketplace to assist people and businesses to find locations for events. After launching, xLaming led the company to launching 12 cities in 10 months and ~$1MM in revenue. He was instrumental in the company’s success and expansion from Los Angeles to New York, San Francisco, Chicago, among others.

Prior to co-founding Eventup, xLaming served as a Director of Online Marketing leading all audience marketing efforts for Myspace, where he led a team that was responsible SEO, SEM, and Social Media. During his tenure, xLaming was a key contributor in growing search traffic by millions of uniques monthly, helping set a baseline and becoming 60%+ of Myspace’s overall traffic.



Oh wait, the question is what is my age?

52 old

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44 minutes ago, Flake said:

approximately 2

actually you are 1.463 and that rounds down to 1 not 2. sorry. 

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23, but I'm a 13-year-old at heart. 


I still enjoy watching Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Beyblade! (toj) In fact, I still dream of playing in the world championships.

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