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Where are you from?!


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I'm from north  of  Spain  La Rioja  ,  from a land rich with vineyards  , wine wineries  the most famous in Spain ,  

same in Europe and where are the  noblest people and  Blessed  .    :$  


The Marqués de Riscal hold of in Elciego. The old winery (cellar)

 is the oldest in La Rioja, and has a new building designed by Canadian architect Frank Gehry 

YWFlPKg.png vjtXMo5.png


Near to Basque coast 100 km , France , like 160  - 170 km  .    

I will ask permission to write something more about my land .  

The Harvest Festival is celebrated to coincide with Festival Saint Matthew in the week of September 21 , celebration of bullfighting . Event of national interest since 1965. It is an event of national tourist interest of popular origin that dates back to the twelfth century. Formerly it was characterized by the collection and celebrate the autumn harvest later.   

D4AJebx.png UIjIgJ1.png


Same we have the Way- road  of Saint James in La Rioja . French Way has become the most important and popular.

 Its origin is the s. IX. Starts in St Jean Pied Port (France) and ends in Santiago de Compostela through 31 stages (3 by La Rioja).  



also called Route of Bayonne, was the most important difference between the tenth and thirteenth centuries. Begins in Irun (Guipuzcoa) and joins the French Way, in Santo Domingo de la Calzada (La Rioja).   

So from there i am   :$   :$   


It would be much to say .. But little space to write  <33









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