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Hello all!

Today, i would like to suggest another power for the possible new powers coming up in the future, FlameFX! I think FlameFX would be a nice idea because it could like the moves from Pokemon like Fire Pledge, Fire Spin, Overheat, you know those moves. I like the idea of Will-o-wisp possibly make a smiley in FlameFX, but that's just me.


Fire Pledge in action:



Fire Spin in action:



Will-O-Wisp in action:



It doesn't have to be like these, but something similar, y'know? I'd love to see this power take action. Angry is really the only other power besides Retro that has flames, but i may be wrong.

So, what do you think about the idea? Do you think it's good, or bad? Let me know.


As always, thank you for your time. Have a good day / night! :)

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Well it's a nice suggestion, the last power of fx was splashfx, I think they should expect a bit more to re-release another power fx.

Like this: Will-O-Wisp in action.

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The fire spin effect is something i would love to see in action around a smiley.

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Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. I'd love to see this get taken into action sometimes soon. Here's hoping! :o

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