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New power of the week is kloud.



ID: 451

Name: Kloud

Status: Limited

Smilies: kloud, klblush, klburst, kldontsee, kloud9, klrain, klsleep, klsneeze, klstorm, klupset, klwindy

Pawns: hk, hl, ho, hu

Price: 230 xats



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1 hour ago, lcky said:

was there something wrong with CLOUDS powers that we need to introduce this new KLOUD power ?


It's two different interpretations of the same idea, I suppose. Like two artists painting the same landscape. (swt) 


I don't particularly mind if there are enough creative differences between them. And kloud9 is a clever smiley!

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this is a pot of steaming failure


xat has already released a power 99% similar to this, and people are buying this ?


if anything xat has shown to me ONCE AGAIN that they have ran out ideas .


what other pointless powers do we have ?









the list goes on


can they stop living in la la land , get a dose of reality and release creative and more useful powers ? thats up to them

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