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      Frequently Asked Questions   03/02/16

      Do you have a question? It's probably answered here! Please continue reading before posting a new question. I am locked out! What do I do?
      Clear your cookies and open a ticket. Select the Locked out help topic. The subject should be at least five words. You should receive a reply within 24 hours. If you are still having trouble with this and you would like a guide, click here. I forgot my email! What do I do?
      Create a new xat account and open a ticket. Select the Lost Access help topic. The subject should be at least five words. In the ticket, include the username and identification number (if known) of the account you need help with. You will receive an email with a link to the ticket, but only at the email for the new xat account. Eventually when the email is changed you will be able to reset the password. How do I report scamming or phishing?
      We don't encourage threads about specific users. Create a ticket. Select the Report scam help topic. The subject should be at least five words. This is free to do, and every user should open a ticket after they have been scammed. We encourage you to submit a ticket immediately, as the forum is not the place to sort out those types of issues. How do I report an unfair ban?
      Please do not create threads about this. If you wish to report an unfair ban, make sure to click Report Unfair Ban when you are first banned. If you did not click that, then you must click message the owner (bottom right corner of the chat) and report it there. I am held! What do I do? 5-7 day hold: Change your password, then wait for the hold to decrease automatically. No further action should be necessary. If you are still having trouble, open a ticket. 5 day hold (repeated cycle): Open a ticket and state that you are having trouble with a hold that keeps repeating. 7-14 day hold after getting your account unlocked: No action is required. The hold cannot be reduced or removed. Transfer held for funds to clear (could be any amount of days): Create a ticket and ask about your account hold. System problem 25 (permanent transfer block): This is usually a result of breaking xat's Term of Use, by either scamming or phishing users. Open a ticket to ask for more information about the hold. System Problem 55: Your account is held indefinitely. This hold prevents every type of transaction on the account. Open a ticket to ask for more information about the hold. Why did I not receive the xats I paid for?
      First, login and refresh any chat that you are on. If you still notice that your xats have not arrived, open a ticket. Select the Payment Problems help topic. The subject should be at least five words. How can I get my reserve removed or reduced?
      You may have a reserve on the amount of xats you can use. This typically happens after making a payment using certain payment methods. Open a ticket. Select the Payment Problems help topic. The subject should be at least five words. You may request for the reserve to be reduced, or you may ask for the amount of xats the reserve reduces by each day. How can I get a shortname unlocked if it is no longer being used?
      To request for a shortname to be unlocked, open a ticket. Select the Short names help topic. The subject should be at least five words. You must be a paid user in order to open a ticket for this. Why can I not create a new forum topic?
      You need to confirm your forum account through your email in order to open a new topic. Why can't I use a forum signature?
      If you want to use a forum signature, you need to be an Advanced Member. Entrance to this user group is automatic and is based on post count. The more active you are on the forum, the more abilities you will be granted!
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Hey so recently you helped me get my account out of the location l


 i've been indefinitely held and ive been informed that if i was unactive in 2015 that may be the issue, which i was and i was just wondering if you can help me get my account from being held, its not letting me make a ticket. Thanks in advance

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If you receive system error 25/55 when trading/transferring, you should open a support ticket in the Account Block department. This block, in your case implemented for security reasons, prevents every type of transaction on your account. Click here to create a ticket. You do NOT need to be a paid user or logged in to create this ticket (you can use the email address of your blocked account – as shown in Tamer's screenshot). Please ensure your ticket subject is 5 words or more, e.g. "My account is indefinitely held". Within the ticket message, please specify your problem, and why you believe you're held (i.e. inactive since 2015). For more help with creating tickets, see the ticket wiki article.


Also note that the Account Block department is currently delayed. Due to a high volume of tickets, it may take several weeks or longer to receive a reply. Please be patient for a response, and check the email address associated with your account for a notification of a reply. 


Finally, if you cannot open a ticket, you can try changing browsers, using incognito mode, and clearing your cookies/cache. You are typically only allowed to have 1 open ticket at a time. If you already have a ticket open and are still waiting for a reply, please continue to be patient, or message a volunteer on the chats or forums and ask for it to be closed. Alternatively, if you still cannot open a ticket and continue to receive errors, please message a volunteer and ask them to open one for you, providing your ID and regname, along with a brief explanation of your problem. 

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Why can't you create a ticket?


Make sure that you're selecting the "Account Block" help topic, and the subject is 5 or more words long.

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Hello , 


You should open a ticket under account block and give them the requeirments information about your problem and make sure your subject is five words or more 


Hope thats help you.

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Hi, if you are logged in the account you have the indefinite lock.
Equally if it is not connected, there is no problem with this.

If you receive this message:


System problem (55): Your account is held indefinitely. Blocks all outgoing trades and transfers.


  Apply the following


1º Login to Flash Player


2º Apply what you inform on the page

3º After completing this, go to: Ticket



1: The user name of xat 2 appears automatically: enter the password of the account

3º: Select in «Help topic» Account Block
4: Subject:  minimum words that define your problem, example: my account is locked indefinitely system problem 55

5: Message: You are going to expand your problem, example: Hi, I'm having a problem. "System problem 55". Can you help me with this? Thanks.

6: Finally click on "Open ticket"



Important: You can send the ticket using your email, entering incognito mode from google chrome, then enter the same page and place the email account and apply all of the above.

Or also deleting cookies from your browser


It is not necessary to be a payment user to send a ticket in this department.

It is not necessary to be in the account to send the ticket


Note: In case you have done all the above and you still can not send the ticket, send a message in the private of some volunteer.




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Hi Good Morning.


1- If you Flash player doesn't play you use other version. 

2- If you have held more than 7 days held and with  55 you must open ticket on Department account block.

3- ayudaxat.com/account-block < tutorial 

4- wait answers being patient.


Xat.com/ticket <


Good luck!


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Hello Quiiisse 

and welcome back to the forum 

you'r problem should be opened a ticket . from https://util.xat.com/support/index.php 

because the ticket will solve this problem by volunteers

Click on the word New open ticket  .

then Wq6eWUtuS8_oQRdoEEjnnw.pngtype you'r email linked to this account

then choose Acount block jhTyfg6CRJOL2kCrfFho7Q.png

then write down what the subject is .

and in the Message write down what is your problem 

Then press the button Open ticket 


Note:will be answered through volunteers during 1 to 3 days 

So you have to be patient until you respond 

And if you have trouble opening the ticket talk to any volunteer and he  will open it for you . 


If you want any other help just send me a message 

Thank you ..




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