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notification icon (or bar)

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the mobile app doesnt show when you get a new pc you have to get out of the chat your in go back to the menu and go to your pcs. it would be nice if they added a notification bar or icon on top that flashes, the number of pcs or shows any new pc that you recieve. new notifications will show there and you can click it and go to your pcs and/or to that specific private message.  not sure if this has been suggested before but I thought it something that would benefit everyone and useful.


if anyone can illustrate how that would look like I would appreciate it...


by adding a notification icon people can see when they receive a new pc (private chat) otherwise people wont know when they receive a new message unless they go back to the menu or go to their pc page. sometimes I would go check when I am in a c hat and I would have many old messages because I wasn't notified and do not know when I received them.   you either visit a chat or check pc but you cant do both at least with this you can be notified when someone  private messages you.


not sure if this goes under mobile or suggestions since it is both a mobile issue but also a suggestion...



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6 minutes ago, Laming said:

I agree with you.

You meant like is used in WhatsApp?

updated post please check added new information


I mean like when you get new pc you will get number on top right corner how many new pc you have


optional if possible: scroll down notification when  clicked shows newest to oldest, and shows username of people who pced you and amount of messages they sent


if second is not possible then first one is ok as long as people know when they get a  new private message and can get to it faster and be notified of any new messages.





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