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I have decided not to do another mini event on Trade because most of you guys will be out having fun with your families, and so will I.
But the fun didn't end as of yet!

We will be having a DOODLE themed 4th Of July Contest!
In this contest, we would like you to share your DOODLE TALENTS with us, and draw your best themed 4th of JULY Picture!

Make sure you include the American Flag!
Be as creative as you can, you can add anything you like, it could be soldiers, the famous 4th Of July hotdogs🌭, some fireworks maybe!
Whatever you think would look nice!
We will have 3 lucky winners!

First place : 5,000 xats.
Second place : 3,000 xats.
Third place : 2,000 xats.

One entry per person.
ID and name must be included.
Entries should be posted on here!



12 PM EST.

Bryan & Mony

[Prize Holder]




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8 minutes ago, Chelly said:



Fullscreen here


I was bored and I tried to draw the American flag and Donald Trump's head on a stick figure.


I didn't realise until afterwards that Donald Trump is one step closer to becoming an orangutan.

Chelly (19032000)


pls teach me how to draw a straight line.

WOWOWOW now this ones great! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain (hippo)

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2 hours ago, Chelly said:



The 28-Star Flag: This Flag became the Official United States Flag on July 4th, 1846. A star was added for the admission of Texas (December 29th, 1845) and was to last for only 1 year. The only President to serve under this flag was James Polk(1845-1849).

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Got the prize, ty for hosting and congratulations to everyone who participated.

Originally I was going to draw all 50 stars, but I gave up because I didn't have the patience to attempt to draw 50 stars in a small area at 1am (swt)

didn't actually plan for it to be 28.

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