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Best Pokémon-Themed Doodle

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The judging for this contest has begun.

At this time, new entries will not be accepted.


We are planning to announce the winners soon!

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I drew eevees bc I just love them so much, they're so cuttteeeee.  AHEM. I'm not good at digital art   So like, I'm still practicing on shading. Could we perhaps be able to enter with two en

Hello, everyone!!! I'm Bella (#behati) also known as @6, you can find me in Help and Trade chat.  I'm hosting a cute contest where the aim is to draw your best Pokémon-themed doodle thr

Here's my entry. Spent about 2 hours on this.     Full Chat Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/giY9IGw.png This was fun.   Guppy (696969000)

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A big hug and congrats to all the winners!!! (hug)  Thank you all who entered on this event, all your amazing and pokémontastic entries are very much appreciated. 

Our lovely judges @Dimplez and @muffins  it has been very wonderful to have you on this event as our judges, thank you very much again!!! (hug)direct


To all participants (except disqualified participants) who didn't win on this contest I'd like to thank you with a little gift of 500 xats each.

Please contact me at chat Help, Chat or Trade chat to claim your prize.


Thank you all again for participating on this event and have a nice day/night all! 

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