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DONUTS - Donut smilies

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¿Name? Donuts. ¿Status? Limited. ¿Have Hug? No. ¿Power Group? No. ¿Need AllPowers? No.


Looking for Smilies? Then!








Were you looking for pawns too? Here's what we show you!





These smilies were not made by me, they are a suggestion for the creators of smilies to take as a basis.

Modified name thanks to the suggestion of: @QueenANIME


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3 minutes ago, QueenANIME said:

good design

as long as their not called kdonuts


I like this

and explained well



Very good idea, I'll change the name right now!

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6 hours ago, darkraiiii said:

I love donuts,one of my guilty pleasures, aswell,I'd like this one implemented aswell for another reason.



This image made me think of a hug, could be a factory of donuts where the machine explodes and the message leave

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On 1.7.2017 at 10:19 AM, 6 said:

I am a fan of donuts . I love their unique and colorful designs. http://prntscr.com/fqb9td

You have a pretty set examples of donut's emotes but i wish they'd be a little cuter when the donut smilies gets made. 


I more love their sweat taste 😂



Supporting this idea because I'm hungry

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41 minutes ago, Crow said:


There are enough designs here for donut2 and donut3 lol!


Personally, I prefer these ones below (goo). They're not as iconic, but they're a lot more satisfying!


Donut is life direct

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