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invisible -- gcontrol to set main owner only

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I'd like the feature to be able to use Gcontrol to set the (invisible) power to be set to main owner.

This is a useful feature for chats that require owners not to use invisible

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1 minute ago, ANGY said:

Hmm, why not ?, I support your suggestion although I do not see it as necessary.

Yo yo yo (cute) 
This idea is brilliant, because there are people who use this power.
Just to see what's happening on Xat, but he does not intervene to help. Especially talking about xat help or ARCbot xD  Or other xat.com support bots or xat.com.
You can write here a few xat.com, where this idea can be used.
Support Xat.com: Help, Aide, Aiuto, Ajuda, Assistance, chuai, ayuda, pomocy, Mosa3adeh, Yardim, Helfen, Ajutor - Others . . .
Support Xat.com Graphics: Graphics, Fundos, Fondos, Krapfik - Others . . .
Support xat.com Bots: ARCbots, FExbots, OceanProject , LP89 - Others . .  .
I think no one wants to have an invisible owner on Xat, And if the main admin wants, can configure it to be able to use it :p 
Main admin can have control over xat staff OO yes - To be such an option, yes and no, who wants and who does not want.
I love this idea, because I am against who is in the team for help, to hide. ´invisible´ (d)  xD
It's just my opinion.

 @Actavus Good Suggestion! ´idea´

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