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Power: Hipster

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Hello, my next suggestion is called: Hipster.

Hats can be cloud or spray can.

Contains 9 smilies.

tumblr_nq7rupiwCJ1uykdfso1_250.png (hipscloud)

83a6732eccab4a05af9f239d389df648.jpg (hipsphotos)

0d10d3fed9f92542d91a7cd46619665f.jpg (hipsbook)

412056e7d25804ae4bd794fa4d01bf25.jpg (hipsmilk)

10bd6d101d482397fbce30a12751564e.jpg (hipspizza)

0b9d7d45260d2536c5486d9f2de28229.jpg (hipsfrozen)

Krasivye-risunki-karandashom-dlja-srisovki-3.jpg (hipsgalaxy)


47c360559cc954e2f29674d29cf8bf01.png (hipsdead) or (hipsrip).

If anyone has any other suggestion or opinion do not hesitate to give it, I will take it into account and modify the post.

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11 minutes ago, LaFleur said:

This looks interesting Angy, kinda unique, i especially like the (hiscloud).

What does (hister) mean btw, never heard of it.

Hipster aka tumblr 2012

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10 minutes ago, LaFleur said:

So is hister some altered name of you or why is it not called (hipster)? :D.

Done, it was modified I forgot to place the ''p''

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