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Camouflage power

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I love the IDEA ! the pawn is Awesome, the fact that I collect camouflage clothing and hats .. 

this is Exciting for me :$ specially if I could put camouflage hat on my smiley ! yay 

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Why not update power (military) ?! Add more smilies!
Already exist smile (camo) = (camouflage) From power military!
Its just a suggestion. but yes, i like a idea! Good job!

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The military power has a (camo) smiley which you can combine to other smileys. direct

I wonder if the Military power has a camo pawn when it was released but definitely i like this camopawn suggestion.

I like the idea where you can add camo hats/caps on any smileys.

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2 hours ago, Agustina said:

Love the idea.

A question, the hats would be with the camo pawn or with default pawn?

And the camo pawn could turn pink/blue or whatever pawn color you are using?

I suppose you mean like being able to have the camouflage style with existing pawns - if its possible why not, e.g. it could work like, when the green part of the camouflage pawn would be transparent, the pawn color below would show trough i think. Otherwise just a pawn like that would do it too.

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