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xat clicker :o


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28 minutes ago, Elie said:

I don't get it.


I thought it would be like Cookie Clicker, only Xat-themed. It still might be, it's kinda hard to tell... :$


...and test powers only cost 4.759 trillion Xats? :d Just like on Trade then!



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2 minutes ago, Crow said:


The two burning questions: 1) Was there any clicking involved? 2) Was it worth it?

1) Only buying upgrades

2) 0 effort involved, all I did was wait a couple hours buy the biggest one, go to sleep, wake up buy upgrades then go to school come back and there you go.

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14 hours ago, Techy said:

to exploitable LOL

type in address bar javascript:game.money=Number.MAX_VALUE


for(i=; i < 10; i++){ 
    for(j=; j < 55555; j++){ 



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