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Connect Spotify to xat (statusmusic)

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I support this function, people currently in xat like to write the title of the song and power (cd) so that they know that they are listening to that music.

This feature is very similar to the one that had once the messaging of Blackberry.

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I love this suggestion. Reminds me also of Messenger: when you listened to a song, it showed there as status. So 2009 :'( 


I guess Admin should have to talk with Spotify managers and stuff for this to be possible, no idea to be honest. 

But I'd love to see this done someday. 

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What about smile in status? We can use smile in status.
Is good idea, I support this idea, because I used script for this idea in 2013- haha Admin Please do not be bad with me. xD
This secret remains with us, okay? xD

I do not think this is possible, but anyway I support this idea
Because  admin are lazy, When you start to think about the idea of this topic, Xat´s To Do List  I'll talk just fine here.
Anyway, I'm not a bad person. But so many good ideas, and must be ignored....

End  sign0013.gif

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1 hour ago, Phinny said:

I really like this idea, and I think xat should cosider making it a feature or power.


They can't make it as powers since it's copyrighted by Spotify so It would be a free feature instead.

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This is a great suggestion!

Not only can this feature serve as a form as expression, it also can serve as a conversation starter for many users on the site.


Administrators should be adding new personalized features to their chatbox that are not site subscription based.

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