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5 Biggest Incidents In Xat History

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This is the top five of what I've seen.


5. The Bot Raids (Anytime) - I suppose most users have seen a chat been bot raided and it does violate the TOS for anyone to use the tool or software that does it but owners treat all bot raiders the same way by doing a /pr or use kickall.


4. The Unbanable LOLWUT Bot (June 2012) - Just after I joined xat I remember a strange LOLWUT bot coming into promoted chats audie spamming the high-pitched scream one which got users very annoyed and xat later made audies sound only by clicking on them.


3. Radio Servers Shut Down (December 2013) - There was a user around who I was actually friends with but there was one bad thing about him. He knew how to shut off radio servers and was even asking me what radio chats he should do. One even had to close for a couple of weeks before getting back to normal which was the one he was mainly targeting. Xat were unaware of this problem at the time.


2. Trade Taken Over (July 2012) - This happened the day after I moved into my apartment which I missed with not having my computer set up. A turk team took over the Trade chat and were banning everyone that came in. Xat later got Trade back to normal that day.


But there is one really big incident to top all incidents in xat history and here it is on below.


1. Whole Xat Site Took Over (November 2015) - Some user took over the whole of xat and two chats were stuck on promotion for about three weeks and the only rank was guest. Users could no longer login or buy xat. They were ages getting the site back to normal. And I think this has to be in my knowledge the biggest of all time.


I'm not sure about anything recent with not being in the chats much.

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On 6/26/2017 at 4:59 PM, jessibe1 said:

I haven't seen anything in the chats as well


bot raids were a huge problem around 2015

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