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xat inactive for 3 month and now for sale?



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i have been inactive for some time. now in my xat chat it says, that my xat chat is for sale cause i was inactive for 3 month


but now i logged in again. will this message disappear now? or am  i doomed now?

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Do the following:


Go to your chat and click edit on the bottom right. Submit your chat's password (if you forgot it, enter the email associated with the chat and you can get a new one) and you should then be in your chat's settings. Click the "Chat Box Settings" button and then select the "Update & Get Code" button and that will regain your ownership and update your chat to avoid inactivity. It could take up to 10-15 minutes to fully update, if not try adding a ? following your chat's URL.

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You must click on 'update&get code'  button regardless to gain ownership as, when you click on that button your chat will then appear at the right part of the page and you will be a main owner again once you're signed in, and if this step is not done you won't get the ownership.


The steps are:


1- Click edit at the bottom right corner of your chat room.

2- Type in your password click 'submit'

3- click 'chatbox settings'

4- click 'update&get code' button 

5- clear cache afterward or use '?' at the end of your chat link. (do that to fix the caching issue)

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