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If you don't know who Roberto is, please leave this post. Lol.


I think all of us saw at least once this user that sometimes uses the name "Roberto", sometimes he is logged or sometimes he is as a toon. 

We all see his "map 100% png test map paul map" messages and that.


What do you think of this user? Some people says he is a kid with problems, other says its a bot, others say its just someone getting famous around xat world. No idea.

I don't think he's a bot since one time he private chatted me and we had a nice but short conversation. He even sent me links of pages where I could get icons. (toj)(toj) 

So, what do you think? WHO IS THIS GUY? (toj) WHat are your conclusions? 

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One thing that is really very annoying now about him is he's making account/s copying people's regnames then using their avatars, plus it's really useless giving him attention when you can't have a normal conversation with him.

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I also saw Roberto and i even remember the first time he entered my private to tell me "Ted Game Pro Pro" when was playing Gamebot in xat_test, plus one day he greeted me when he was with his registration account in a normal and quiet manner.
I think this user is a very funny guy who likes to play and annoy people, likes to draw attention mainly staff of xat5, I do not know what their true purposes, but anyway those people who feel uncomfortable with this user, I'd recommend put him on ignore.

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I actually have seen him typed a real 3 sentence containing how is banned in help map .. 

I just think is funny and sometimes a really hard to figure out lol 

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