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What do you do when you are sad?

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Lately I have felt bad and I thought about doing this subject.


When I feel bad, I start to listen to the full 13 reason why album as much ice cream and I see netflix


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If I need to express it, I'll moan to a friend about it in private. 8-)


Otherwise, I'll just carry on living, clinging to the vague hope that better times will follow. 

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I'm never sad.:$ Joking xD
Never say never.

When I'm sad, I listen to music, and I think why I'm sad, when I have to be happy, why the world helps when I always fall guilty.
Why can not I ignore everyone how they ignore me too.
Why do people say they are my friends when no one is.
When you have nothing to offer, stay alone again.

I think this happens to everyone, many do not admit this is happening to them.

Dont worry be happy ----

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There are lots of things I choose to do when I'm sad depending of the moment, day and situation.

Like, get drunk, train really hard at the gym, eat A LOT of stuff, listen to cut your veins with a spoon music or just enjoy time alone with myself like everyday.

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