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2 hours ago, SilverTheHedgehog said:

HI all,

So graphics is looking for an administrator that's it? MY question is: what happened to the current admin (hmm) and if it's another chat engine they're on then may they stay there. Because someone will step up sooner or later, change some dynamics we're already used to, because graphics are kind of a need in this community. P.S. looking for a design mentor. :p

The old staff abandoned the chat for Discord. You're correct, Graphics are a need most of the time and giving people an easy resource for finding graphics would be helpful to users and designers to have their needs met. I agree with everything manu has said, he has very good visions on how the chat should be operated.

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6 minutes ago, T0x1c said:

Link to the post where you said that "9 hours ago" ?

It was through a private message. Does it matter when I posted it?

It won't change anything.

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2 hours ago, Guinho said:

Congratulations, @Manu!


2 hours ago, Cupim said:

Congratulations @Manu


Well deserved.


2 hours ago, Eleven said:

Congrats @Manu , you deserve it!


2 hours ago, Agustina said:

Congratulations @Manu 

Well deserved and we're sure you will take good care of it, and hopefully make it alive again. 



2 hours ago, Bau said:

I have said here first that manu is.
And he is, congratulations, I'm happy for you......(rolleyes)(hug)


2 hours ago, Chelly said:

Congratulations @Manu!


@Bau are you able to see the future? :o:o 


1 hour ago, 6 said:



1 hour ago, LaFleur said:

Congratulations Manu. ;)


1 hour ago, Crow said:

Congratulations Manu GetStrip5.php?c=S_awe_18_18_c.png!


It's a testament to all of your hard work. Now go forth and set a shining example!


1 hour ago, Valdoni said:

Congratulations, Manu! Well deserved man.


52 minutes ago, Kristjan said:

Congratulations @Manu

well done homie ^^

Thanks guys, I hope to do a good job.

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On 03/06/2017 at 9:01 AM, DontPanic said:

Obviously Manu since the English community is too arrogant and cocky in general.

So I guess we'll just not have an English graphics chat then, so that we can please even you


Congrats, Manu!

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Congratulations @Manu, in the short time that I have known you what I learned from you is that you love to design, and would help without being chosen in this because you are a good friend, luck.



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