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RUBY Jewel Effect Doesn't Work


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The RUBY power is meant to allow you to use a Jewel effect in your name as long as you have NG, NC and Colour powers.


I am given the default red jewel effect by default but when trying to use different colors it doesn't work unless you have EVERYPOWER activated. 


I've tried the following colour codes: (Used with the following code: (glow#0#jewel#COLOURCODEHERE)

FFFF00 - meant to be yellow = gives default effect

00FFFF - meant to be cyan = gives dark blue


We have had people with EVERYPOWER use these codes without issue but they have EVERYPOWER but once they remove EVERYPOWER it doesn't work correctly.


Tested with: @Lemona // @Fiona // @Paul // @Techy


Can you please look into this @Admin

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Hmm interesting, but I see something optional and something that everyone should use, in the "wiki" is offered the same information, and if we use a little intelligence could come to the same conclusion. The only thing is the color code that varies.


If you disable some of the powers required for the function, it is clear that the effect will not work, because the function provided by these powers is required.

For something they are required, not only to have it but to use it.



Thanks for sharing!

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You can use multiple color codes, resulting in several different colors moving throughout your name:

For example: (glow#0#jewel#ff0000#ffff00) would result in a red and yellow jewel pattern.

You can also change the direction and angle that the jewel pattern moves in throughout your name:

For example: (glow#0#jewel#ffffff#r145) would result in a black jewel pattern rotated 145 degrees.


Ruby work for everypower  blueman gold purple !

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This is correct, it does seem that you need everypower to change the colour, but it doesn't state that on wiki.

code used: (glow#0#jewel#ffff00#ff0000)





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