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Locked out of my account



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You can follow these steps to open a ticket to get this problem resolved (you do not have to be a paid user for this department):


1. Clear your browser's cache, or use Incognito mode (private browsing)


2. Enter http://xat.com/ticket in your URL bar and select "Open New Ticket"


3. You will see a screen similar to this (fill it out accordingly):



4. Select "Open Ticket".


Now the ticket is open! (If you have any issues opening the ticket, send me a private message)


When you receive a response from us, you will be e-mailed a copy of what we said (likely security questions) as well as a link that you can click to access and reply back to the ticket. (Do not reply by e-mail)

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Besides to what have been clearly explained above.


Side notes

When answering the security question you may find some questions that seem to be hard to answer as for that, no need to be so accurate when giving information just do your best; some questions like "When was the last time you have logged in?" or "Have you sent any gifts in the last three months (if any) and to whom" as well as Trades/transfers along with stating names of users you have traded with are sometimes difficult to answer. HENCE;


answer and concentrate on the basic questions the ones that ask you to state some of your emails that you have used on the site or/and your IP when it's very necessary https://whatismyipaddress.com/ this site can also include your internet service provider you can also give them additional information which will prove your ownership further without them asking you about more of information.


After having the account unlocked; you will be held for security purposes most likely seven days not for quite some time, this only blocks outgoing transfers and outgoing/in-going trades.


Best regards.





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