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Okay so like, I mumbled a bunch and hhhhhnnnnnnnggggg kms. Lyrics are in the description. No h8 pls I know I'm terrible.

I didn't know what else to put for the visual, so I put a random gameplay I had which was football on Roblox. LOOOOL

*deletes forum account*

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So everything that makes Chelly whole belongs to me 
I am her heart and soul

She is mine (wailing)(wailing)(wailing)


Hey, I know I promised you I would never make fun of you
Or even show your lovely gifts qVIhi0m.png wu3cY0J.pngbut I guess I couldn't behave...

And oh, I know...We made a lot of mistakes Njgj8qn.png most of them were yours...

But even so, I am glad I met you. (not really)(toj)(toj)

Even if you will quit xat and just forget about everything we build (a wall between us)
And even if I will e-marry Zuke again and our end would be near
I'll shall become an irish and follow you everywhere

Cause everything that makes you whole belongs to me I will take your heart and soul.

Hey, I never thought such beauty would hide on xat
And be the reason of my happiness that I couldn't hide 
I'm feeling that @Ethan the liar doge will accuses me of telling you lies
He will try to knock us down so he can steal you from me (you bff with him :@ LIAR LOVE) 
Even so, I shall not return again to you..BUT I'll become eternal and I will live in your memory
Cause guess what...the baby is yours.




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xat ~A Love Story~


It’s a breezy summer afternoon. I hear the rustling from the leaves outside as I type on the keyboard of my 13-inch MacBook Pro®. I press the “x” button and the name comes up.  “xat.com.” I laugh in my mind. “I better learn how to spell it.”


Suddenly, I get distracted by the website loading on the screen of my 13-inch MacBook Pro®.  As the chatbox starts to show up, I give a little shiver when the wind flicks at my bare arms. The Flirt chat. I’m sitting in front of my computer, silently studying hundreds of people sending myriads of messages. I’ve joined the community a few months ago, but I have never had the courage to message someone. Everyone seemed like they were looking down on me with their colourful nicknames and shining pawns. That must change. I want to find a love.


Suddenly, another chat tab opens up. The padlock is flashing with a vivid, yet a rotten shade of green. I click on it. I got a message. From a real person.

“HoneyBump.” I read his name out loud. “Sounds mysterious.”

I rub my eyes, wondering what kind of a joke this is.

“wyd ;)” His message says. I don’t know what to say. I’ve never been in a situation like this. But I can’t lose my chance. He’s the chosen one. He’s been assigned to me by the Gods of Love®. You cannot escape from your fate.

I have decided. I will not be silent this time.


My whole body is shivering and my heart is racing. A single tear rolls down my cheek. “Finally.” I say with a broken voice. I can already feel the warmness in my heart as I google “wedding dress.”


My fingers are almost shaking as I carefully type in the phrase I’ve been thinking about my whole life. The screen of my computer seems a bit more dull than usual, almost as if I was doing something I shouldn’t. I can’t give up now. This is my only chance.


I begin typing cautiously. I cannot make a mistake. I hit the buttons on my keyboard one by one. Before I realise, my fingers jump from one key to another in sanic speed.


When I am done, I hit the return key, just as I have learned in tech school. “Please.” I whisper to myself.


5 seconds. 10 seconds. Finally, 30 seconds. 30000000000 nanoseconds of waiting for a reply.


“What did I do wrong?” I wonder as I start analysing my message letter by letter.


“note much , you /?” I stare at the message.


Finally, my eyes reach the pawn of my secret admirer. It has already grown red. It is too late. I have failed once again.


I smash my head onto the table as I let out a weak scream. “Bakaaaaaaa~~~~!!!”


(This is supposed to be funny, I am sorry.)

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Here's my sorta silly entry! xD



The story before Yoshi's Island.




There once was an egg, a small but gentle egg. He was all alone, developing in his shell until one day.



He hatched into the lovely era of xat stone age. Though, he was the only one of his kind, which made him terribly upset.


Though, he met to fierce but friendly caveman by the names of Jeffrey and Bobbie.


nW9FzT5.jpg         AO4Yddc.jpg

    Jeff                    Bobbie


They took him in one of his own and gave hin the best thing any caveman parent could give their children, love.


Not only did the love make the dino grow big and strong, it also made him the sweetest dino alive.




He became the first Yoshi ever to be the kindest and most sweetest leader for the future of all dino Yoshi's.



One day, Jeff's lovely wife Jessica had a lovely baby boy named Mario. But, they couldn't keep him because the other civilian cave people were enraged of them having twins, because it has never happened before. The twin Mario had was, Luigi.


With no further choices, they told a stork to take Mario and Luigi to Yoshi's Island because the loving dino they raised now lived there due to his diversity with the cave people.




As baby Mario and Luigi on their way to Yoshi's Island, they were struck by a Magikoopa knocking both Mario and Luigi down to the island.


This is where the story of Yoshi's Island starts.





Images used: 




http://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Stoneage (smilies from that page.)




I take no ownership of any images posted of Yoshi from Paper Mario or Yoshi's Island. Stone age smilies go to the ownership of xat.com.


Just wanted make this clear before something about me not giving credit for using the image.


Hope you liked the story!

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Thank you everyone for participating! We reached a total of 10 entries and I loved them all. It was difficult to choose the winners, so I've decided to give 350 xats to everyone who participated (not including 1st and 2nd place)

Overall prizes:

1st place - 2000 xats

2nd place - 500 xats

Everyone else - 350 xats for participating




In 1st place we have @Mark!

If you want to check out his entry, check below:

On 2017-5-23 at 11:01 AM, Mark said:







  Reveal hidden contents


Yeah. The Mark in the house.


Yes this is a voice generator only a select few get to hear my real voice.

Don't need no impersonators or additional haters (although I will get many more due to this video)

You ask me what's on my mind, I say xat, baby.


Yeah Yeah


We all know the past of xat was great, we think about it so much we forget to focus on today.

Yesterday we made mistakes but today is the day we make xat great.

No I'm not Donald Trump but I will indeed build a wall around all of this negativity.


The future of xat, you ask? Oh well yes that falls in our hands, it is our task.

How can you claim to have the future under control when you are so obsessed with Roberto the harmless troll.


Now you ask me about Flirt? Why even ask I don't have any dirt!

Last thing a voice generator like me is trying to do is get myself hurt.


DAYUMMMMM. (Because this is fire, obviously.)


Do you like my rap so far guys? Try this one on for size.


We need to work together, as a team. If we fail to make xat any better, let's not let it get any worse.

No, I'm not implying that it's bad right now.


Say it again! As a team.

Last thing we want is xat becoming a meme.

-beat fades out-



I am aware of how cringe-worthy this is.



In 2nd place we have @Sydno!

His entry is also below:

On 2017-6-18 at 5:01 PM, Sydno said:

This is shorter than it was supposed to be but I started writing it too late. Regardless of the contest, I may continue this little story, especially if people find it interesting :) 

PS: Don't kill me if it isn't fun at all and lacks imagination :( 



History Guide of xat Kingdom


Years ago, in the cosmos of Internet, primal tribes based on languages were all unified in a kingdom located on the xana alpha teta universe, better known as the xat universe. There, planets were gathered in galaxies; portals were made to list all the planets of a galaxy: each galaxy has its own language. The xat King called those planets "chats". Anyone can freely fill in a form to the kingdom administration in order to settle down their own chat. They only have to be a xat citizen, which is granted by being 14 years old and by respecting the general terms of the kingdom, which are available at the bottom of every planet.


Some planets are directly under the xat administration. The king and his ministers may appoint any citizen they trust to rule a planet. Those are called the official planets, they are owned by the king yet maintained by honored citizens titled Barons. The so-called Barons although have to enforce specific rules printed by the World Indispensable Knowledgeable Intercessors and approved by the ministers. Miles away from these polished planets, some are free of any rules. They usually are colonized either by pirates or citizens willing to be free from anything. Most of the planets were colonized by citizens just willing to calmly live their life.


The History of our universe starts with the history of our almighty King. Not only a person he is but an entity made of three. His cosmos reunification happened on the 1996th year of the old calendar, better known as -10 of the xat calendar. From 2, 3 and 7, they went to a unique 42: the trinity force that maintains our universe. Before creating the kingdom, they pictured it and show their capacities to the other in the cosmos. 10 years later, the xat universe was launched and people coming from the whole cosmos decided to stay here. Most of us living now even born in the universe.


Year Zero. The first ever planet was colonized by 42 themselves to welcome new guests, it is called Lobby. Mike, one of the current minister, was one of the first to settle down, landing into illusion. The rumor has it that guests needed a place to marry in order to start a family and required the King to create Flirt. This is not historically proven yet. Nowadays, many citizens are still looking for love on Flirt, the only official planet without a Baron, without rules.


                                                                                             Written by a member of the World Indispensable Knowledgeable Intercessors.



And then everyone else who entered will receive 350 xats each.

Congratulations to everyone who won! Contact me at Game or Help to receive your prize.


Reply back to this thread once you have received your prize.


Don't post congratulations.

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help, someone is editing my post.


Congratulations to the winners... :( DAMMIT.



You should check my pcback contest and give it a try ;);)

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