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Most of the time in my chat even when I am logged in, the word "help" posts every second saying 30s, 20s, 10s ect ect, Then I try to log in again even if I am logged in because it was suggested that I log in again and i get a message to check my email to log in. So i check my email, click the link and then log in, then am asked to check my email again and again. I finally rest my assword pretending I forgot it hoping it will clear things up, Is everyone having these problems? I even have my security turned off and it continues to do this. I have to find another chat box by today because it continues to do this and I have scheduled chats for clients. I wish I could be reimbursed for the xats I bought since I cannot us them..my suggestion is to resolve these things for people so we will keep coming back :)

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Hello there, 



First of all the limit you're receiving occurs when you don't type in one row (flooding too much) as well as posting links in main chat/private chat then typing afterward; I think it's because links usually contains a large number of characters while guests can send up to 50 characters in one row; if you spam clicking someone the filter will block you for a few seconds as well those are called the Antispam and the Antiflood.  


For more information: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Antispam


Anyhow this may occurs for no reason though I have seen some users who had that at before. Not quite sure what may fix this issue probably logging in; the problem could stop by itself though. I myself would rather contact with someone who is responsible I would contact with an administrator because this issue appears to be a glitch if it didn't get fixed shortly.



As for:


E64 - Check your email. (Security check.)

The email associated with the account has been sent a login pin to verify you are the owner of the account.


Before attempting to check email you have to consider some things here



1- You're probably checking the wrong email so, check to see if the email you're checking is the right email via using LostPass type in your email address there and the one your account is tied to will be sent an email. 


2- You're probably using a pin code that was already used to log into your account, the special link along with the pin code to login changes every time you login; using one that was being used at before won't help you login it will result in the same error "Security check" countless times.


This error happens IF YOU ARE:



1- logging in from a different device than the one you primarily used to login.(Different cookies - Such as the time when you last logged in on the site your username password and so on..)

2- Logging in from one browser then logging in from a different one (Different cookies)

3- Logging in from incognito mode/Private window.

4- Logging in from a different device.

5- If you login from a different location.

6- If you clear cookies/history.

7- Using VPN to login.

There still may be some other reasons to trigger this error.



What I'm assuming here if this problem doesn't seem to stop regardless; that the site itself doesn't recognize you. Hence try to clear your browser cookies (from the beginning of time) then login; a special link will then be sent to your email; check the correct email; use a link that wasn't used earlier to login.


If the security check happens to you as it normally happens to other users on the site then no need to worry about it happens to all but, if it never stops and persists; you can then contact with administrators about it through creating a ticket.


Best regards.



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