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My account got blocked again.


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This happened a while back, and I just wish I got the confirmation, whenever I try to log into my account:   GallantWiiGi (80379479)

80379479 is already registered. E4

**Security check: Please check your email to login. E30**

I can provide any information to my account. I just want to log onto it again, or at least receive that confirmation that never really arrives.

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Hi Wilgi,


You will need to check your email for login pin confirmation associated to the account you have registered with and re-login again.

Remember to check your mail's spam box and if you still don't receive any confirmation wait for a few minutes, it maybe have delays.

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With regard to the first error I see no problem as, you were probably attempting to register the id instead of logging in both of E4 and E50 show that you were attempting to register what was already being registered.



As for the second error is most likely for when you login from a different location, I anticipate that!


The errors are to validate your ownership.


E30 - Check your email. (Security check.) 

E64 - Check your email. (Security check.)


Possibilities that may caused this to happen:  

Note: Most of the following possibilities are likely more concentrated on E64 in my opinion.


#1 Logging in from different location.

#2 Logging in to one account then logging in to another (switching between more than one xat account).

#3 Logging in from a different browser than the one you were last logged in from (different cookies).

#4 Using Incognito mode/Private window. (It doesn't store cookies)

#5 Clearing the browsers' history/cookies which you use to log into your account.


Anyhow check your email to login, always make sure that you check the right email to your account. Don't mind this error it happens to all people so, it's no a big deal. Your account is not blocked or anything like so.

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