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xat Update Log

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Hello again!


As the title suggests, I believe there should be some type of update log for Mobile.(could and should be done for all of xat updates in the future)


Currently (if I'm not mistaken) all we can go by is the "Version History" on the app store :

This is what it looks like: (IOS)



There is clearly a lack of content here. I'm sure since oct. 2016 there have been much more changes made to IOS mobile.


So how would an update log help?

Below I listed specific reasons as to how this would help users/staff with mobile development.


  • Users can test updates done by xat
  • Xat will no longer have to make random posts on major updates they have done (users can just check update log)
  • This will keep users up to date on fixes/changes done to xat so that they can benefit from all the new features.
  • Users can keep track of work being done by xat and can suggest things based off of the work being done.
  • And it will display overall professionalism from xat.com administrators


This could also help users restore some faith in xat, and see that xat is actually working on certain things ;). (I personally see them working pretty often, but not many users are aware)


This update log could simply be hosted on the wiki page, and updated by wiki editors.(as long as staff relay the information)



let me know what you guys think! Like or dislike the idea? post your comment below.


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